* Bootstrap file for setting the ABSPATH constant
 * and loading the wp-config.php file. The wp-config.php
 * file will then load the wp-settings.php file, which
 * will then set up the WordPress environment.
 * If the wp-config.php file is not found then an error
 * will be displayed asking the visitor to set up the
 * wp-config.php file.
 * Will also search for wp-config.php in WordPress' parent
 * directory to allow the WordPress directory to remain
 * untouched.
 * @package WordPress

首先 wp-load.php 是 WordPress 的引导文件,它会首先创建 ABSPATH 这个 WordPress 最重要的常量,然后加载 wp-config.php 文件,wp-config.php 文件在加载 wp-settings.php 文件,最终创建 WordPress 环境。

wp-load.php 还会在 WordPress 上级目录去查找 wp-config.php 文件,这样可以保证 WordPress 目录不被改动。

如果 wp-config.php 文件不存在,wp-load.php 就会让访问者去设置和创建 wp-config.php 文件,就是 WordPress 的安装过程。